Smith-Dorrien – Chester Lake - Closed

October 21, 2019

A: Chester Lake to end of 3 Lakes Valley 14km eg 550m 5 hours
B1: Chester Lake to Elephant Rocks 10km eg 350m 4.25 hours
B2: Chester Lake Trail & return 8km eg 250m 4 hours
C: Hogarth Lake loops 6km or AFAP eg minimal 4 hour
C: Kananaskis Village

Trailheads @ Chester Day Use area & Kananaskis Village

Elbow Valley – Station Flats cancelled - Closed

October 14, 2019

A & B1: Station Flats to Elbow Falls via Sulphur Springs & Elbow Valley Trails 12 km eg 450m 4.5 hours
B2: Station Flats to Elbow Falls via Elbow Valley Trail 12 km eg 350m 4.5 hours
C: Elbow Falls – Powderface creek trail 8 km eg 150m  3.5 hours

(option)   Bragg Creek townsite

Trailheads @ Elbow Flats & Station Flats parking areas & Bragg Creek Community Centre

Johnston Canyon/Ink Pots - Closed

October 7, 2019

A1 A2    Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots & beyond  AFAP    14km 450 m eg    5 hrs
B1:         Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots   12.6 km 380 m eg
B2          Johnston Canyon to Upper Falls   5.6 km 250 m eg
C            Johnston Canyon to Lower Falls & return 4,8 m 150 m eg
C              (option ) trails around Banff townsite

Trailhead Johnston Canyon parking lot &bus terminal

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Kananaskis – Galatea cancelled - Closed

September 30, 2019

A:Galatea Lakes lower & upper 15 km eg 675  5 hrs
B1: Galatea Lakes Lower & Upper 15 km eg 675m  5hours
B2: Lower Galatea Lake 14 km or AFAP eg 600m 5  hour

B2 (option) Terrace trail from Kananaskis Village & return  8 km  175 m eg or afap

C   trails around Kananaskis Village

Trailheads @ Galatea Day Use Area & Kananaskis Village

Highwood Pass – Mist Ridge - Closed

September 23, 2019

A: Mist Ridge S Summit & return 16km eg 700m 5.25 hours
B1 & B2: Mist Ridge lookout & ret 12 km eg 550m 5 hours

B2 option….trails around Kananaskis Village
C: Mist Creek to creek junction & return 8 km eg 200m 4 hours  or Kananaskis Village

Trailhead @ Mist Creek Recreation area & Kananaskis Village

Banff – Cory & Edith Passes - Closed

September 16, 2019

A: Cory & Edith Passes circuit ( clockwise) 16km eg 950m 6 hours
B1: Edith Pass to Gargoyle Valley & ret 12km eg 600m or AFATP
B1 & B2: Sundance Canyon 10km 350m eg
C: Sundance Canyon or Banff Townsite

Trailheads @ Fireside Picnic Area & Sunshine Rd. (0.3km from Hwy #1) or Cave & Basin

Lake Louise – Larch Valley – Sentinel – Paradise - Closed

September 9, 2019

A: Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass-Paradise Valley 17km eg 720m 6 hours
B1 : Larch Valley toward Sentinel Pass AFAP & return
B2  Paradise Valley to L Annette & return 11 km 240 m
C: Consolation Lakes 5.8km AFAP eg 90m 4.5 hours

Trailheads @ Paradise Valley & Morraine Lake parking lot

Note: Single Pickup @ Montgomery @ 8 a.m.

Smith-Dorrien – Tent Ridge - Closed

September 2, 2019

A: Tent Ridge Horseshoe (clockwise) 12 km. eg 850m 5.5 hours
A: (alternate) Tent Ridge to sw peak 11km. eg 700m
B1: Tent Ridge & return 8km. eg 625m, 4.5 hours
B2: Commonwealth Lake 9km. eg 200m, 4 hours
C: Trails around Peter Lougheed Visitors Centre

Co-Day Leader: Ian Heiber

Icefield Parkway – Helen Lake CANCELLED - Closed

August 26, 2019

A & B1: Helen Lake & S ridge above 14km eg 550m 5 hours
A: (alternate) Bow Hut, 15km eg 550m 5 hours
B2: Helen Lake 12 km or AFAP eg 450m 4.5 hours
C: Bow Glacier Falls 9.5 km or AFAP eg 95m 4 hours

Trailheads @ Helen Lake parking & Num-Ti-Jah Lodge – Bus to stay at NTJL

Single pickup at Montgomery  7:30 am

Canmore – HA Ling Peak - Closed

August 19, 2019

A:  Ha Ling & Miners Peak  6 km eg 830m 4.5 hours
B1: Ha  Ling 5.5 km eg 730m
B2: Goat Creek Trail AFAP  10 km min eg
C:   High Rockies Trail to 3 sisters dam 10 km min eg

BB  Canmore information centre

Smith Dorrien – Wind Tower - Closed

August 12, 2019

A: Wind Tower & return 10km. eg 975m 5 hours
B1: Wind Tower & Lougheed Saddle 8.5km eg 400m 4 hours
B2: West Wind Pass & return 6km eg 375m 4 hours
C: High Rockies Trail N to 3 sisters dam, 6km eg 150m 4 hours
C: Kananaskis Village AFAP

Trailhead @ Bow Valley Wildlife Park sign hwy #742, 4.6 km s of 3 Sisters dam, Kananaskis Village

Kananaskis Valley – Barrier Lake to Fire lookout CANCELLED - Closed

August 5, 2019

A: Fire lookout via Prairie View Trail, return Jewel Pass & Stoney Trail – 15km eg 625m 5 hrs
B1: Fire lookout & return via Prairie View 12km eg 585m
B2: Prairie View Trail afap

C: Stoney Trail AFAP eg 50m optional Kananaskis Village

Highwood Pass – Picklejar - Closed

July 29, 2019

A & B1: Picklejar Lakes to 3rd lake 11km. 450m 4 hours
B2: Picklejar Lakes to 1st Lake 9km eg 450M, 3.5 hours
B2: Mist Creek AFATP
C: Mist Creek AFATP

Trailhead @ Lantern Creek day use area ( S of Highwood Pass )

BB at Mount Kidd

Sunshine – Healey Pass - Closed

July 22, 2019

A: Healy Pass & beyond AFAP   approx 19km eg 890m 5 hours
B1: Sunshine to Healy pass & ret. 18.4 km    eg 655m 5 hours
B2 & C: Healy Pass trail to meadows AFAP & ret. 9 km, eg 150m 4 hours
C: Banff Townsite

Option for B2’s and C’s Sunshine meadows.

The gondola is now operating seven days a week. So if you wish when we get to Sunshine parking lot you can take the gondola up to the meadows. The cost is $37  for seniors who are residents of Alberta. All the same club rules about staying in groups of at least four will still apply as Sunshine meadows is prime bear habitat. The flowers should be getting good.

Also, don’t forget to update your Park Pass information on the website, just go to your profile and update the information there.

Trailhead @ Sunshine ski area parking lot

BB   Bus station Banff

Kananaskis Village and the Annual BBQ - Closed

July 15, 2019

A: Terrace toward Galatea AFATP
B1: Terrace toward Galatea AFATP
B2: Terrace toward Ribbon Creek AFATP
C: Trails around Village

BBQ: pickup at Village 12 noon

MnM Outdoor Club Annual BBQ

Boundary Ranch, Kananaskis, AB

Menu: Alberta roast beef on a bun with Boundary BBQ sauce, baked potato with all the trimmings, fresh green salad with dressing and assorted Boundary squares with ice cream. Tea and coffee.

Yoho – Iceline - Closed

July 8, 2019

A: Iceline trail to summit & return via Celeste Lake connector to campground 15 km eg 700m 5.5 hours
B1: Iceline trail to summit & return  12 km eg 500m 5 hours
B2: Yoho valley towards Twin Falls AFAP 5 hours
C: Yoho Valley trail to Laughing Falls & return  9 km eg 90m 5 hours

Trailhead @ Whiskey Jack hostel parking lot

Single Pickup @ Montgomery at 7:30 am