MnM Outdoor Club

Members of this club are active seniors (55+) who gather for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing adventures on established trails mainly in the foothills and mountains west of Calgary. Members travel to and from the trailheads every Monday by chartered bus. Different levels of fitness are accommodated.

To become a guest and to make membership inquiries please contact us at the email address shown.

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MnM Outdoor Club Member Handbook

Bus coordinator
Bus Coordinator: Jane Tufford Jane’s Email Address
Departure Times

8:ooam from Signal Hill
8:15am from Montgomery

Bus fare is $25

Weather Conditions

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With regard to the trip shown below – Distances are return. EG is Elevation Gain. BB is Biffy Break.

Next Trip Details
Lake Minnewanka – Aylmers Lookout / Campground Beach
April 29, 2024

Hike Options (Distance and Elevation approx.)

A1: Lake Minnewanka towards Aylmer's Lookout AFATP; return 20.2 km 645 m EG
A2: Lake Minnewanka to campground beach Lm8; return 17.2 km 340 m EG
B1F: Lake Minnewanka to jct for Aylmer Pass; return 16.4 km 340 m EG
B1S: Lake Minnewanka to jct for Aylmer pass; return 16.4 km 340 m EG
B2F: Lake Minnewanka Trail to Top Hill; 7.2 km return or AFATP 290 m EG
B2S: Lake Minnewanka Trail to Top Hill; 7.2 km return or AFATP 290m EG
C: Lake Minnewanka to Stewart Canyon; return 5 km 100 EG (with option to hike along the Lake trail AFATP)
Departure: 8:00 AM Signal Hill, 8:15 AM Montgomery
Drop Off Location: Lake Minnewanka parking lot
Bus Pickup Times: Lake Minnewanka parking lot
BB: Canmore Visitor Center
Return Time: 4:30 PM
Registration is:
Seat Vacancies:
*A negative number in Seat Vacancies means the bus is over-booked by that number but if Registration is still Open you can register online.
Upcoming Trips
Death Valley/Sandy McNabb
May 6, 2024

Note: The As will need to walk from the Windy Point trailhead back to the winter gate,

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site -Trip
May 13, 2024