MnM Outdoor Club

Members of this club are active seniors (55+) who gather for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing adventures on established trails mainly in the foothills and mountains west of Calgary. Members travel to and from the trailheads every Monday by chartered bus. Different levels of fitness are accommodated.

Bus coordinator
Bill van Wyk - Cell: 587-435-2578 -
Departure Times

BUS DEPARTURE time is 8:00am from Montgomery parking lot at the SW corner of 16 Ave and Home Rd NW and 8:15am at Signal Hill, SW.

Weather Conditions

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With regard to the trip shown below – Distances are return. EG is Elevation Gain. BB is Biffy Break.

Next Trip Details
Lake Louise – Ice Carving – Ski Great Divide /Snowshoe Mirror Lake
January 20, 2020

View Ice Carvings as desired
Chateau Pl via Peyto to Great Divide Trail towards O’Hara Parking Lot return and village 22.2 km
B1: Chateau Pl viaTramline to Great Divide Trail towards O’Hara PL return AFAP to Chateau or village
B2: Chateau Pl viaTramline – Louise Parking Lot to Village option river trails repeat if desired 4.8 km – E. Loss 195 m

A: Village up Louise creek to Mirror Lake and return to Chateau PL or village  11 km EG 490 m
B1: Chateau Pl to Mirror Lake and return to Chateau PL or village  8 or 11 km EG 300 m
B2: Chateau PL to Mirror Lake and return to Chateau PL 5 km EG 300 m
C’s: and Walkers: Chateau Pl via Visit Ice Carvings & Along shore of Lake Louise/Louise Creek/ Lake Louise village

Registration is:
Seat Vacancies:
*To register a guest or if registration has closed contact the Bus Coordinator. A negative number in Seat Vacancies means the bus is over-booked by that number but if Registration is still Open you can register online.
Upcoming Trips
Peter Lougheed – Ski Elk Pass / Snowshoe Torpor ; Lakes Wm Watson
January 27, 2020

A. Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt to Pocaterra Hut 22 Km 250m
B1. Elk Pass to William Watson Lodge 8.3Km 200m
B2: Wheeler, Lodge Pole, Meadow AFAP to Wm Watson Lodge

A. Torpor Loop thru Lower Lakes, Frozen Toad to Wm Watson Lodge
B1. Torpor Loop to Boulton Bridge return Elk Pass PL
B2. Elkwood loop from Wm Watson and return.
C’s and Walkers: Wm Watson trails or Kananaskis Village trails.

Drop off:  Elk Pass Pl, William Watson Lodge, and Kananaskis village
Pick up: Elk Pass PL, Pocaterra hut and Kananaskis village/William Watson Lodge
BB Kananaskis village or /William Watson Lodge


Goat Creek – Ski Goat Creek / Snowshoe Spray River Loop
February 3, 2020

Drop off: Goat Creek PL, Banff Springs parking lot

Pick up: Bow Falls PL and Bus station

BB Canmore