MnM Outdoor Club

Members of this club are active seniors (55+) who gather for hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing adventures on established trails mainly in the foothills and mountains west of Calgary. Members travel to and from the trailheads every Monday by chartered bus. Different levels of fitness are accommodated.

To become a guest and to make membership inquiries please contact us at the email address shown.

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MnM Outdoor Club Member Handbook

Bus coordinator
Bus Coordinator: Garry Moran EMAIL:
Departure Times

7:30 AM from Montgomery Community Centre

MnM Mask Policy remains in place:

    As of Monday August 1, 2022, masking will be optional on the bus and at the individual member’s discretion.

MnM Vaccine Policy:

    By registering for a trip you will be confirming that you (Member, Guest and U-Drive participant) have received 2 doses of a Covid vaccine approved for use in Canada and at least 14 days have elapsed since your second dose.

New bus fare is in effect. Starting April 1, 2022 fare will be $25.

Weather Conditions

Here are links to weather forecasts:

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Cross Country Ski Website link:

With regard to the trip shown below – Distances are return. EG is Elevation Gain. BB is Biffy Break.

Next Trip Details
Yoho National Park – Emerald Lake
February 6, 2023

A: from & return to Natural Bridge along Kicking Horse River AFATP, then up Connector to Emerald Lake – 21 km, EG 200 m
A: from Natural Bridge up along Connector to Emerald Lake, around Lake shore and alluvial fan loop – 15 km, EG 200 m
B1: from Natural Bridge by Connector Trail to Emerald Lake – 11 km, EG 130 m
B2: from Emerald Lake Lodge around Emerald Lake – 5.2 km, EG 50 m

A: from Natural Bridge by Connector Trail to Emerald Lake – about 11 km, EG 130 m; add Emerald Lake loop if time permits
B1: from Natural Bridge by Emerald Lake connector to Emerald Lake – about 11 km, EG 130 m
B2: from Emerald Lake Lodge loop around Emerald Lake – 5.2 km, EG 50 m; add Hamilton Falls AFATP

C and Walkers: walk around Emerald Lake – 5.2 km, EG 50 m

Drop off: Natural Bridge parking lot, Emerald Lake Lodge
Pick up: Emerald Lake Lodge
BB: Canmore Visitor Centre, Field Visitor Centre

ERT: 5:30

Hikers may shelter in the bus at the pick-up location if the bus is there.

Registration is:
Seat Vacancies:
*A negative number in Seat Vacancies means the bus is over-booked by that number but if Registration is still Open you can register online.
Upcoming Trips
Banff – ski Cascade fire road, snowshoe Cascade Ponds trails, Banff
February 13, 2023
Mount Shark, Rummel Lake, Engadine Lodge
February 27, 2023